i need your opinion!

im thinking about doing the talent show at my school against my friend paqipperman.

He said something about doing 3a which makes me wanna do something other then 1a so i need your help!

what would look better up on stage?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-VMzEyBnno This is the stage i will be preforming on, and my competition. What do you think?

I have small clips in videos of me doing both.

if your a begginer or intermidiate do 1a if you’re at the advanced 2 or expert 1
section do 4a or 5a

Do whatever you feel more comfortable doing in front of a crowd. A simpler routine done well far exceeds fumbling around with more complicated stuff.

There is nothing wrong with 1A. Do whatever you want. Trust me, normal human beings are impressed by any style of yoyoing.

if ur good do 5a… visually impressive

4a is unknown to most people

honestly I think 1A would impress people who don’t know how to yo-yo the most. Also remember, this isn’t a competition you want to do crowd pleasers (like 4x follows to jade whip) stuff that will make them scream and go WHAT THE? boingy-boing always seems to impress too.

Just do whatever your comfortable with- if you feel confident doing 5A, then do it, most people are amazed by it that don’t yoyo(well, in my experience).

Do some visual tricks like Boing-E-Boing or Eli Hops. Also do some classics like Rock the Baby then maybe into Dizzy Baby. You could also end with Skyrocket. :slight_smile: