I need string.

So, I’m out of string. Again. And I need more. Now. So. What’s a good, fast whipping, cheap string? Also, I’m using a Genesis, which has a big gap(?), so maybe a string on the thicker side.

I recommend fat kitty or big yoyo panther.

Check out twisted Stringz grey matter and G-String’s solo these are perhaps my favorite strings. Each last a long time and play very nicely. Theses strings are made with care and quality in mind.

Also unknown strings is also an inexpensive but quality string company that I’ve heard very good things about (contact modman10 about these).

I recently grabbed a 100 pack of yellow Kitty String 1.5, and it’s AMAZING for all that stuff.

I really want to love kitty string but I burn through them like a wildfire in a dry forest and a 90 mph wind blow that fire right into said dry Forrest.

I’m a YYSL Ammo man myself. Use it exclusively on all my throws. As Snafu said I found Kittys to get worn out way too quickly and were a lot less comfortable.

I’m a big fan of big yoyo strings. Panther is great stuff, but lately I’ve been using Big Yoyo ‘cyber silk’.

This is the description off their facebook page.

"Cyber Silk: This string is a very silky string, and really packs a punch when it comes to whips. It has a metallic sheen to it, which makes it look really unique. "

What’s your price range for 100? If it’s under 20, kitty 1.5. if it’s under 30, Big YoYo Strings Candy.

Just pick up some thread and make string, it’s what I do. You can make a lot of them for a little cost, and customize the thickness, material type, color. Better than buying it…

Where does one buy thread?

Any fabric store, hobby shop. Walmart, hobby lobby, amazon. Just anywhere you would get fabric. Don’t be discouraged, at first your strings wont be all that great, but with a little practice they can be better than anything you’ve ever thrown.

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