I need some trick binds


Guysi need some trick binds to do. Name some and post tutorials!


Here you go.  I need to learn more of these myself.


Idk exactly what it’s called
But it’s like a flying bind thing

Tatsuya Fujisaka uses it a lot


also like “guy wright bind”

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #5

Here are 3 videos of my fancy binds.


The knee thing? Or do you mean the one handed sky bind thing? Or the reverse arm wrap bind thing?


I guess it is a one handed sky bind thingy
but yeah


I want to know how to do a one-handed sky bind!

Kind of have a wish to be able to slap-bind, too. :wink:

Here’s the Slusny series:

Actually, the 3rd video starts with sort of a one-handed sky-ish bind from breakaway, and ends with an even more sky-ish bind from the front throw.


High Speed yoyo has a lot of bind videos.



Check out some of Ilya Shaposhnikov’s binds. He made a tut for 10 binds and submitted to Rethinkyoyo. Pretty awesome sauce.