Cool binds.


Hey guys! I always just do the normal binds, and I am looking for some cooler looking binds. If you guys have any please tell me and if you can link me to a tutorial? I am especially looking for a tutorial on how to do the bind that shoots up into the air. Thanks!


Backspin variation, suicide bind, and the one you are asking for, sky bind are some of my favs :slight_smile: you can find a tutorial on the sky bind on rethinkyoyo i believe…


Check out the replies here -

Good luck! I have found that once I got the basic binds down and finally understood the concept of how they work, it got pretty easy to emulate the video tutorials.

My favorite right now is the one handed “plastic whip to toss up bind”


This is probably all you’ll ever need:

and here’s a tutorial for the bind that shoots up into the air, it’s called “Sky Bind”


I really like the plastic whip bind too.


Thanks this was very helpful!