Side-style binds


It seems like all of my combos end the same way. Are there any good binds from side style tricks I could learn?


Tonnes! I like Guy Wright bind, Sky Bind, Suicide Bind, and “Modified Backspin” bind. With the exception of the Guy Wright, not too tricky to learn.

There are far fancier binds with all these body-involved binds and slaps being all the rage right now, but those ones are at least something “different” I can do besides standard sidestyle backspin bind.


I have been using the back spin bind and the cricket bind a bit. Also I like the one where you go for a trapeze and his brother slack but instead of catching the slack just let it ride to the outside and let the string go.

(M.DeV1) #4

The slap bind always looks cool but beware, you can get axle knots very easily.


Slunsy’s Alternate Bind tutorial videos are a pretty good.


Slusny’s stuff should pretty much get the job done for you. Also though, (and I don’t know if it was in Slusny’s videos because I’m too lazy to watch them through) what Kohta does at about right when it hits 0:24 is one of my favorite binds to do lately. When he pops the yoyo off to the side and then on to the under side of the string to put him in an upside down trapeze. Now he does a kind of upside down-ish Eli Hop from it, but binding works fine too. :wink:


I can’t tell what at 0:24 can be converted to a bind; however, thanks for the video! Guy’s amazing!


This video might be better. I myself do it to bind at the end of this trick.

EDIT: Vashek does it in this video too on his first trick, just with a slightly different ending.


If you want a really easy one, just do trapeze and his brother and dont catch the slack. Then throw up the yoyo in the air, POW one handed bind :slight_smile:


Actually, just do a trapeze and his brother, then pinch the looped part of the string , pull it off your TH index finger and pull it down on your NTH side ( and kind of down and around ) into the yoyo gap, it should bind with no problems.

Did that make sense? It’s early and I haven’t had very much coffee.