I need some help

Alright my little brother who just started yo yoing wants a new yoyo but he doesnt know any string tricks and the yoyo he wants is an 888 and I want him to get a cheap unresponsive besides the pocket change so post your opinions

If he don’t know any string tricks yet, don’t get the 888. It’s an advanced yoyo and you need to know how to bind to play with it…

Velocity would be great… I think… Because you can set the responsiveness of the yoyo…


THNX and I dont want him getting an 888

i started with a legacy. its a great yoyo for a beginner as it grows with you. Yes you need to bind but thats pretty easy to learn.
iv now got much more expensive yoyos such as BvM etc and i still play with my legacy.

If he wants to get an 888, let him. After all, it IS his yoyoing, and you should let him do what he wants with it.

Just my 2 cents. But please, don’t take my two cents. I need them in order to buy food.


Does he want to get it for Christmas? If so just let him practice binding with one of your yoyos and by the time Christmas is here he should be able to bind!

K that sounds fine but the prob is my only unresponsive yoyo is PGM2 but it broke and he hates using resposive yoyos for binding so…

So let him get an 888.

Your parents will get it for hime let him get it, you probably don’t want to get a yoyo better than your own, I wouldn’t want by brother to get a yoyo better than mine bt that is his and you parents choice. As for a cheap unresponsive get him a Counter Attack or a Die Nasty or a Protostar

I am confused :o why is a beginner playing with an unresponsive yo yo?

Is this person actual a beginner, can the do the basics and intermediate things?

If not then they need to go to the beginning and start there.

He is a beginer but he can bind

What’s the big deal with this.
As soon as I got my Velocity, I haven’t once set it on responsive.
Ability to bind or not, it doesn’t really matter.


A major reason most people don’t like/let their friends and/or siblings to get metals or better yoyos early on is jealousy. You need to learn to get past that, and just yoyo.

I agree.
I used to feel that way about my brother’s YYJ Journey. I thought it was way better than my Velocity at the time. But then I was just able to accept the differences and was able to appreciate the Velocity more.
If you’re jealous that your brother might get an 888, don’t be. Instead, be happy for him that he has such a quality yoyo instead of an old, dusty Brain that’s been lying in the corner for years. I bet your brother would feel happy for you if you were to get a nice yoyo such as the 888

Get him a Velocity AND a cheap 888 from the BST. You should be able to find one for about 30 bucks


Im still a noob what is BST


but if you get him an 888, couldn’t you use it too? or do you live seperate? but get an 888 and another beginner yoyo and let him use the 888 and the beginner yoyo. you can also use the 888.