I need some help please

I have been doing some off string and I’m tired of dropping my good throws, I heard about some with rubber edges and that would be perfect for learing. Now I don’t need the oversized ones but if they are cheaper than heck yeah. Just need a few suggestions that aren’t too expensive. Not sure what other questions I have pertaining to that, but now that I think of it, I can’t bind at all when doing off string, might be I’m not sure how to, but is a large gap like the shutter or speedaholic too big? That’s what I use mostly. Oh sigh, I’m also lookin to get an organic shaped metal throw and wouldn’t mind a few suggestions.(not, I love the finish on my shutter((blasted I think)))

I need to stop asking so many questions at once…but at least I wrote em down if I forget.

Use and off string yoyo. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/418/YYJ-Fiesta-XX

Hmmmm I don’t really like celcon, but I found the aeronaut isn’t out of my price range and comes in many colors. It also seems the gap is smaller, which should help me bind, I hope. Would that be a good first off string?

I learned on a hayabusa and after I got to where I wasn’t dropping the yoyo I got a jet set ec but For a first 4a the fiesta is more than enough to learn with, and it’s really sturdy. Next i would say go big it’s one off my favorites. The aeronaut is really good but I wouldn’t say for a beginner it wouldn’t be the best choice. from what I’ve seen it is pretty fragile, my buddies cracked when it hit a hard wood floor.

BTW a smaller gap isn’t going to help you bind. You need a responsive yoyo to bind on offstring, otherwise the unresponsive yoyo is just going to slip.

Aeronaut is not just a good beginners, its an offstring that performs at extremely high levels. Buy it, stick with it, worth.

Double wrong. A small gap allows the string to catch on itself and the response better. 4A yoyos HAVE to be unresponsive. Unless someone like Ed can do 4A stalls with a fixie, it’s going to be a very boring division.

Sorry, I just assumed that because I tried doing 1a on my Fiesta and it was responsive. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You’re using 1A yoyos for 4A?!
Oh my…
Areonaut PLASTIC
Aquarius? PLASTIC/RUBBER idk I have one, but I think it was the last one on the internet(other than bst)…
I also hear Go BIG (PLASTIC/RUBBER) is great.
Depends on what you like.
Opening up price?

What yoyo are you using? Any responsive yoyo can be used for offstring, some are better than others, but if you are using an unresponsive yoyo it won’t bind.


I apologize for sidetracking the conversation.

Let’s not forget that US Nats 4A division has been won on an original Dark Magic.

As others have pointed out - any responsive yoyo will work (though it’s advisable to seek out something with rubber rims which can withstand impact). I learnt 4A basics on a stock Freehand.

Playing fixed axle, you’ll get longer spins playing 4A as opposed to 1A - without the loop attached to the axle, there is a lot less friction. You’d be surprised at how much you can pull off on a stock Butterfly.

Wrong.  I can have a yoyo that’s unresponsive and still be able to bind back when doing offstring.  Remember, you still bind the yoyo back when you are using it for offstring tricks, not the same as when you bind for 1a, but it’s still binding.  What you do need for offstring yoyos is a thin gap, when binding the yoyo during offstring, you feed less string into the gap of the yoyo than when you are using it for 1a.  And to the OP, why don’t you like celcon?  You’ll find most high quality offstring throws are made from delrin, the equivalent of celcon.  Anyway, I can’t force you too like something.  One of my favorite offstring throws is the Duncan Hayabusa, just clean the bearing, use thin spacers, and you’re good to go.

Go BIG for offstring is my recommendation

OneDrop has the Benchmark O which would be a nice organic shaped throw

My all time favorite organic throw is probly the 07 888 though.