I need help


I like the gentry stein collection, but im not sure what one to get i know for sure i dont want the super g its out of my budget. It’s between the YYF shutter and the YYF g funk?

(Owen) #2

Shutter by far. The G-Funk kinda sucks and IMO is more of a fun yoyo. And plus the Shutter has all those SWEET blasted editions.


The Shutter is so good for the price! Definitely my recommendation.


What’s the IMO? And is their any strings u recomend. Im really good at binding and i am currently useing a dark magic 2


IMO = In My Opinion. He’s saying the G-Funk is more of a fun yoyo.

Any string will do, quite frankly. Just buy basic polyester string, they’re like $12 for 100 or something.


Ok thanks very much