I need help!?

I have been working on boing-e-boing for three or four days i gan get it in mount and start to boing, but i can only get the yoyo to go across about four times. then the yoyo goes crooked and shoots off the sting. I have also noticed when the yoyo is going across one the strings on your non-throw hand will slide back and fourth. is that normal?

Boing boing is …boing boing. It’s one of those tricks that most people can’t just learn in one day. Some people try for years before they get it.

There are many threads about boing boing and many vids.

This is one of my personal favorites on the topic.

I’d recommend not getting to frustrated with the trick. Try it a few times and move on to something else. One day it’s just going to click and you nail it. It’s just a hard trick!

Hang in there and do a search on boing boing. You’ll be amazed how many other people have difficulties.
You’re in good company. :wink:

I feel ya aerokid

I know this is probably something youve heard before but make sure your hands are perfectly straight, vertically and horizontally. When I first learned this trick I figured out that my nth was a smidge in front of my th. This caused it to be unstable and harder. If you can get those hands just right youll feel it. When you move your tb up and down, it is hard to keep them just right when learning this trick. Its a great trick and youll get it, just keep at it.

Thanks guys!!