help on boingy boing

when i do boingy boing after only one boing my hand freezes no matter how i tried no matter how much strength i put in on boingy boing my hand just kept going rigid what’s happening

To practice boingy boing, you might want to do a few barrel rolls (atomic bombs) first in order to shorten the string. This makes is easier because the yoyo has less distance to travel between the strings.

Try doing it loosly like you are stretching a rubberband up and down with the top hand.

the same thing happens hen i do it loosly

Say, up down up down up down when you move your hand. And you don’t have to do it quickly. Just nice big and slow.

the sme thing also happens when i do it nice big and slow

It’s just one of those tricks. You try it and try it and suddenly, it works. That’s the best help I can give, keep trying.

There’s a video out there that shows the motion by just holding the yoyo by the string, and essentially making the motion so that the yoyo does it’s thing without the mount. It gives an idea of what is really going on. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it.

If your top hand is going rigid and you aren’t able to move it, you are probably trying too hard and not allowing your hands to experiment, because you are trying to make it happen perfectly. Don’t worry about what is happening with the yoyo for the moment, and just try to immitate the motion you see in parallel with one of the tutorial videos. Teach your hands first and then add the yoyo once they are doing it automatically.

If all else fails, move on for now and come back to it down the road a bit.

Exactly! That was THE trick for me when I was starting. I could never do it until I learned some other tricks. Build up your skills a bit more and then try it again, and the most important thing is being relaxed, don’t let your hands stiffin up or you will not be able to move them.

I am practicing this trick too and I realized that my hand moved too fast. I slowed it down and I could hit Boingy Boing. It seemed painfully slow but it works. Good luck:)

Boingy boing is just one of those tricks that just need the feel for it. Just keep practiceing and one day youll wake up and bam you got it. Much like eli hops or bomerang its a trick that you need to get the feel for it.

Somedays I feel like I have the motion down pretty well, but my problem (besides just a lack of consistency) is that my yoyo gets off-axis really quickly - I can only do a few boings before my yoyo tilts itself out of the strings. I think my throw and the strings are pretty straight, but I can’t seem to get that smooth, long back and forth. Is the answer just more practice?

I think so. I go off-axis sometimes, too. Thing is, we are always looking at it from a slight angle unless we’re doing it right in front of our faces. We might be introducing an angle even when it doesn’t look like it. The hilarity that has ensued from eyeballing straightness and level while doing home improvements has taught me that lesson. :wink:

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The fact that you freeze up might have something to do with your brain picking up the fact that the yo-yo moves in and out, while your hand goes up and down. The brain has to process that the yo-yo is moving in a different direction than your hand goes to make it move. For me, that was odd and takes some practice for your brain to let that go. Also, try throwing a breakaway, then mount from there and boing from the side. A different angle for that trick might make it easier. I feel more comfortable with the trick that way. But, as stated, practice and don’t get discouraged. If you can do one boing, you have the mechanics of the trick down already. For me, boinging faster is easier, so try different angles and different paces too. You will find a sweet spot eventually.

Maybe you’re over thinking it? I know that’s always my issue when I can’t land a trick. Also, some people just pick up Boingy Boing while others come back and revisit it later on.