I need help with my yo-yo

My Yoyofactory stackless grind machine will not respone when i use bind return.I am sorry if I did put this question in the wrong place.When i got my yo-yo from my friend it did the same thing.Can any plaese tell me what they think is wrong…

There is also a small crack I will point at in the pic…

That crack is only on the hubstack would not change the return. Check your response pads. Lastly maybe it is your bind. Check all variables.

1: How long have you been at this? I’m assuming you know how to bind, but that’s what I’m getting at. What else do you have? How are your binds?

2: Check the response pads. This yoyo can be siliconed but I find the pads a bit too thin in general so if you don’t mind siliconing it a bit often, they hey, no problem. I don’t mind this kind of work to maintain the performance I desire.

2: Put more string into the gap?

Don’t worry I own a stackless grind machine it is a good chance that the string may possibly be old so maybe replace the string or you need to work on your binds more

It’s you.