Whenever I grind the basic bind in advanced part two it becomes responsive and comes back to my hand. It hurts. Is it because of my bearing?


Well can the yoyo come up without doing a bind?


After it comes back and I try to throw it up it does. Then I throw again and it doesn’t. Maybe it my string tension


haaattteee when that happens, what string are you using? That happened to me when my 100% poly string was getting worn out. But once I got a new string the problem was fixed, oh and I got kitty string which was muuuuccch better.


I would clean the bearing and use the paper slip method. There might be small particles that is making the bearings catch and become responsive.


Yup. Your bearing is the likely culprit, camjm. If your string tends to “chase” the bearing (even without being fully responsive), the sudden slow-down from grinding will cause it to uber-chase and then bind.

It’s very much more likely to be the bearing than string or response.




Mainly the bearing but possibly the string tension/fluffiness and super snappy response pads contributing as well.



Does your yoyo is vibrating ? I’ve actually found out that vibrating yo CAN cause unresponsive into responsive


Everyone here has the right answer really, cleaning the bearing usually always works and stay away from thick lubes as they will gunk up the bearing, it could be the string tension as well, or even worn out string. I tend to switch out my strings almost everyday if i can, as string gets worn it gets harder to relieve tension.