I Need help with my Summit

My Summit just get response what can everything is ok The bearing The response The string everything is new

Well are you using fat string?

I also had that same problem with a new summit you might just be using to fat of sting or possibly the bearing needs to be broken in or cleaned. Try cleaning the bearing and using thinner string that might get rid of the problem

Im using a normal kitty string … Break the bearing? How

Just play with it.

This happens to EVERY bearing yoyo.

First off, open it up and flick it with your finger, if it spins, but not very long and is quiet it needs to just be played with.

If it spins short and sounds like its grinding or loud, a SMALL drop of lube will do the trick, or just play some more.

New string- fat - should not need any break in time and not affect anything. Then again, I’ve never used fat string. But I have used type 10 thickness string and nothing different happened from normal 6 thickness.

All it’s seems to need is to be played with. Just don’t do Whips or Grinds.

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Ok thank you

I don’t have a Summit. I’m not getting one, but that’s because I don’t get the collabs. I have played one and it’s freakin’’ amazing though.

I am assuming it has a One Drop 10 Ball bearing. The bearing will go through a responsive phase while it’s breaking it. It will also scream like mad. This is scary, but this is normal. The responsiveness and noise may take days of heavy play to go away. Once it does, I recommend cleaning the bearing immediately in acetone, and then dry thoroughly then lube lightly or Dry Play treat and it should be fine.

Lube: Again, lube lightly. Less is more. Use less than half what you think you need if you are lubing a bearing with the shields on it. Half to a quarter of a drop is sufficient. With the shields out, dip a needle in the lube, touch that to a ball or two and spin. Done.

Ill bet you will get one… Sooner or later…

There is no use in not getting something that is FREAKING AMAZING!

You’re betting wrong.

I simply don’t purchase or acquire collabs. They have to be one brand or another.

I can do both with fully responsive yoyos.

And that is because the company’s don’t share there best stuff with each other?

I’ve explained this many times.

I prefer things to be ONE BRAND. I like things to be clearly one brand.

I’m not gonna sit here and say the Summit is bad. I played one, and again, it was awesome and I really enjoyed it a lot, something I would recommend anyone who gets a chance to try it for sure, and buy it if you can. It does represent the best of both One Drop and CLYW. I cannot say anything negative about this yoyo.

But as for me, I don’t like “grey areas”. I’m a rather black and white kind of guy in a world of grey area. Be this, or be that, but don’t be both. Can’t be both. It must be “this” or it must be “that” in regards to brand.

I know, it sounds crazy. But, it’s completely logical to me. That’s just how I work.

I can understand this perfectly. Similar to color preferences. For example, I hate yo-yos with two different color halves. Seems illogical but I have my reasoning behind it.

Really? I don’t understand.

Back on topic, the 10-ball does get responsive and will SCREAM at you for a while. All you have to do is just be careful with it for a while, and it’ll be fine later. It took longer than usual to break the 10-ball in compared to other bearing (in my experience).

I’ve explanined it. Read up.


Back on topic:

This is absolutely correct advice. Once your OD 10 ball gets loud, you’re doing good. It’s time to keep playing it until it stops screaming. This varies from bearing to bearing. This is just a part of the process of breaking in a OD 10 Ball Bearing. I would suggest playing through it.