i need help on geting a new yoyo?

Well ive been thinking and i need a new throw i like big yoyos the tricks i do are like techy and slacks.I like silicone and pad response i like any rims but mostly flat ive almost finished this site im in master.My price range is 400 bucks so mostly anything was thinking a buly but im not sure.Thanks Guys

Both of your favorite yoyos are undersized, you liking big yoyos seem weird… :-\ … :stuck_out_tongue:

If you like big yoyos, I reccomend these (In no particular order):


Oh and the bully.

^^ what he said ^^

sorry i need to change my favs haha i liked undersized b4 but i like bigger yoyos now.

Oh, okay.

also, I forgot to put Bully in my original post, I recomend that too.

I almost always prefer undersized - but for some reason I love the Bully (not exactly huge, but feels a lot more substantial than my others).

Do you guys know if a koncave bearing would fit on this yoyo.

Do you know what the difference is between the bully and the 2nd bully.Also if it is called the bully version 2 if the v2 and 2nd run is the same.

I’d recommend a Meteor.

Bully is a bully. The version difference is only the anno.

And yes a c size kk will fit.

get a yyj big ben just do so serious modding to it you can make your own meatl rims but thats just me