Big Brother Bully (Second Run)

“Bully” by Big Brother Yo-Yos (Second Run)

Now I should start out this review by saying that I am not a fan of full sized yo-yos. Even though I am a big guy with big hands, I prefer the feel of a well put together undersized yo-yo and I will gravitate towards them whenever I can. I received my Bully in the mail about a week ago and have been throwing it almost nonstop. This is from Doug’s second run of the Bully line and there are some differences between the first and second run. The second run does not have the stamped name or serial number on it like the first run and the second run comes with the new color scheme for the Bully line. The new colors are Solid Purple, Black/Purple, Black/Silver, Purple/Silver. Ok, enough with the introductions let’s get on with the review.

53.35mm diameter
41.5mm wide
67.9 grams
4.5mm gap
C size bearing
Comes with YYF Silicon Pads but will accept flowable silicone

Look and Feel
The first thing I thought when I saw this yo-yo was that a more appropriate name could not have been conceived for this thing. It is big, mean, and dangerous looking. Putting it in my case with all my undersized yo-yos I felt like it was going to beat them up and shove them in a locker. It looks like a brute. At the same time it is one of the most impressive yo-yos I have ever seen. The purple anodized finish is gorgeous. I am partial due to the fact that the shade of royal purple used on this yo-yo has always been my favorite color. All in all, the industrial design mixed with the color gives this yo-yo an elegant but no nonsense look that is quite unique. The yo-yo feels great to the touch. The rims are not too angular so there is no discomfort when catching it on a return. The only down side to this yo-yo is a lack of a bead blast finish. This yo-yo will grind on my finger and hand but not as long as some of my soda or bead blasted yo-yos.

This is your typical Big Brother yo-yo. It is a heavy sucker, on paper. Those last two words are key when describing the Bully. While this thing is pushing 68g it does not feel like it. The weight distribution makes it feel quite nimble on the string. There isn’t a major thunk when it hits the end of the string. I was quite surprised when I fist threw it because it felt like my trusty M1 while playing even though it towers over the little bugger. Looking at the comparison pictures you can see what I am talking about.

(Left: Bully Right: Smoke M1)

(Left: Bully Right: Smoke M1)

Response and Bearing
Out of the box the Bully comes with YoYoFactory silicone pads that work quite well in it. I will probably recess silicone it when the pads wear out. The Bully is dead unresponsive out of the box, which is expected from BBYY.

The bearing that comes with the Bully is a no frills eight ball that gets the job done. I have been spoiled by One Drop 10-Ball bearings and General-Yo bearings so I replaced it with a General-Yo AIGR bearing. This is the perfect pairing of bearing and yo-yo.

(Open Bully with General-Yo Bearing and YYF Silicone Pads)

i was shocked when I threw this yo-yo for the first time. As stated above, I do not usually like full sized yo-yos. The Bully is not a typical full sized. It is fast and agile. It is also one of the smoothest yo-yos I have thrown, there is no vibe or wobble to this thing. It whips around the string like my M1. Lucky for me it is forgiving when you give it a bad throw. I have thrown whips and slacks at this thing and it just laughs at them while performing. I even learned how to do a new trick, Gondola, on this yo-yo. The IRG lip is great and I am finding that I can actually pull off thumb grinds with this yo-yo. As i said in the look and feel section, this yo-yo is not the best for grinds. It will grind for a few seconds but no where near as long as my bead blasted Wedgie.

Final Recommendation
I would recommend this yo-yo to any advanced thrower who is looking for their first full sized yo-yo or wants to add another full sized to their collection. You can not go wrong with this yo-yo. I hate to sound like a broken record but the only issue with the Bully is the lack of a bead or soda blast finish. With out it, the Bully is a phenomenal full sized yo-yo. If BBYY puts a bead blast finish on the Bully it will become THE perfect full sized yo-yo.

In summery, go buy a Bully before it comes to your house and kicks you in the shins.

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