The Unnamed Yo-Yo

From the people that brought you The Bully and The Wedgie, it’s the Unnamed YO-YO. Big Brother yo-yo has been posting a yo-yo idea that they have been working on well it didn’t work on the original plans so they retooled it and made the Unnamed yo-yo. It was only available in a short run and went fast, I just got mine today and I ordered it on the 25th and got it on the 28th fast shipping Woot.
Package is standard Big Bro packaging the resealable container good for keeping the yo-yo safe.
I ordered the one with out the bearing and put a 10 ball in it.
First impressions wow it has a serious gap, wide enough for me to almost touch the bearing, it is light in the hand and smooth. Here is the specs,

52mm diameter
41.5mm wide
65 grams
4.5 gap
C bearing
K-pads or silicone

And some eye candy

X-Convict, Nunamed, and I hope you can read LOL

On the play fast and in control nice to use, this thing is stable and nice spinning no vibe and if your throw is square it will not tilt, even if your throw is a little off it will spin there with out any problem. Is is light enough to be fast but with good rim weight to keep it spinning. It just plays nice and will probably replace my Bully on my main player. I just need to go and Bead Blast it that is just the way I like it.

It kinda looks like a cut

yeah i agree it does look like a cut 8)

Why must everyone compare a new yoyo to a previous one?

It looks to me like its the BBYY’s Unnamed yoyo.

Sryy Samad, but it does kinda look like an EKG

It looks nothing like an EKG

what did you do to your X-convict? how did you put those little waves in? is it satined?

He made a thread about it:,1705.0.html

Thank you gm user, that saved me a little work. It was just a project and a lot of fun.

Looks like a cut to me…



I so want that X-convict…


It is shiny, that is probably the only similarity it has with the CUT. It is rounded, while the CUT has nothing but straight lines. Please do not compare this to a CUT, because it is far from the same.

Agreed. Plus, the Cut isn’t the only yo-yo that is raw.

it does sorta look like a nickle plated m1, don’t you think?

Exactly. If it were anodized, nobody would compare it with the Cut.

Before I traded it I sataned it, so it looked nothing lika an other yo-yo made not even an Five Star