Bully I love your thick mean body.

This is my second yo-yo review and I think that I have the idea what people want to hear. And I do know Chris wrote one But I want to give my highly bias opinion. First I’ll start with the technical stuff.

Name: The Bully
Designer: Big Brother Yo-Yo’s
Weight: 68 (g)
Diameter: 53 (mm)
Width: 42.6 (mm)
Response: Silicone recess
Price: I cant remember Sorry
Bearing Size : C Size
First off the package, nothing too flashy basically a plastic screw on container, But the package is not what your buying. The feel of the yo-yo is smooth and clean WOW no dings in the body LOL. It has matador spikes and a thumb grind groove. The ano work is cool and well done It had only one week spot in it but I don’t really care it will have a few marks in it before I’m done with it and retire it.

Play First throw, very nice smooth and clean no vibe or wobble. It took every trick I could throw at it and it still looked at me like “What is that all you got”. I’m not the most gifted yo-yo player and not going to compete at any time soon. But this yo-yo is capable of any thing that can be done. It makes you learn new tricks and keep moving forward. Sleep time at first was above any thing I could get from my X-con it gave me time to get the trick and keep going.

The feel is solid and thick the weight for me is perfect. I prefer a heavy yo-yo and want to feel it move. The rims are rounded and flat at the edge perfect for grinding. Like I said before it has spikes, they are short and not sharp, unfortunately that is the only thing I liked about the Hugo over the Bully, the spikes are not sharp enough for my calloused fingers, it will take some time to retrain my self on them.

All in all this is an amazing yo-yo and worth every penny ( I know I said that about the Hugo but I didn’t know any better LOL)

good review and we can never have enough reviews :smiley:

It is numbered. One of the main reasons I want to get an HSpin is the number. A numbered yoyo has a certain amount of class to it. I don’t care how the anodization looks (the Bully is awesome) as long as it’s numbered.

Addment: Really good review. Does it use spacers or is that a Born Crucial bearing?

It had a Born Crucial bearing but it was vibing on me so I went with the origional. And if you look at the 4th pic( if you can with your computer) it has 037 that is the number.

I looked at it before I posted. That’s how I knew it was numbered. Did I give the impression that I didn’t know that it was numbered?

Will it be gone? Or will it stay?

Sorry I had kids yaping in my ear and miss read your post.

It’s beautiful! Also, great review. :smiley:

I think it was limited. But I heard its going to YYN soon.

Also, Jeromy…I hate you :stuck_out_tongue: It looks beautiful. Congrats :smiley:

It’s limited edition? NOOOOOOOOOOOO

awesome, Enjoy It :wink:

I am just wondering- what are matador spikes??

Spikes coming out on the side from the center of the yoyo–where the sidecaps on some are.

The blue side looks like CLYW’s skin. What yoyo brand is it?

Happy Throwing! =]

Big Brother Yo-Yos as seen in the last pic. Not everything splash has to be CLYW. :wink:

great review!

Sweet I have number 38

Your a bully, Making me want to get that so much…

Where can you get them?

B/S/T on forms they are all sold out right now and I have not heard if they are making any more. A bit of advice the preproduction ones play about ten times better than the production ones. I had both at one time and I shelfed the production one for the BB pre production. So it has been traded. I’ll keep the pre it is now my main player. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH so smooth.