Can you help me decide?

Ok. I’m geting a new yoyo. I would be cool if that yoyo is rare, and does not require much maintenance. But that does not matter much at all because what I realy want is a good main player, not just a colectable or low maintenence yoyo. I don’t know which to get. Fools gold peak, P2, or the Bully. (color dosn’t matter) I love the shape, weight and everything on these yoyos so I can’t go on my preferance. So in stead, I’ll ask the folloing quetions:

Which is the most stable?
Which is best for thumb grinds and arm grinds?
Which has good weight distributation and therefore has good sleep times?
(keep in mind, my money matters too, and 100$ is as far as I will go, so example, I will not just go for the bully instead of the fools gold just because the bully is low maintainence.)

                                                                              Thank you guys, you are a big help! ;D

Get a Caribou Lodge. I think some of those are under $100.

You mean the fools gold?

I mean any Caribou Lodge under $100.

Fool’s Gold Peaks are like nothing else. But I don’t see how they all fit your preferences, the Peak is big and the Project 2 is small. From your favorites, it looks like you like small yoyos, So I reccomend the Project 2 for you.

So far It seems like I will get the P2. But what about the Bully? Has anyone tried that and liked it? If so, what do like or dislike about the Bully? ???

It was made for 5A, I think at least.

Nope, it wasn’t. Most yoyo’s that are awesome for 5A weren’t intended as 5A yoyos. (Such as the Superstar, PGM, Gung-Fu, etc.)

I have a Beadblasted Preproduction Bully, and I love it! I’ve never thrown a Peak or P2, but I can still give you general information.

The Bully is about the same size as an X-ConVict, but it feels bigger. The Peak is the same size as a Dark Magic, and the P2 is 888 sized. The Bully and P2 are about 68 grams, and the Peak is 66-67. The Preproduction Bullies were beadblasted with no anodizing, and the Production Bullies are anodized with no beadblasting. The P2 is soda blasted (I think), are annodized, and have little grooves that reduce grinding friction. The Peaks are beadblasted (I think) and anodized. They should all have decent weight distribution and stability. However, the Bully and P2 might have the edge in actual sleep time, because they’re heavier. They should all be pretty easy to maintain.

One more thing, the Fool’s Gold Peak might have some vibe (Doesn’t affect play), whereas the Bully and P2 are pretty much guaranteed to be dead smooth.

I hope I helped with your decision! You’ll be pleased with any of these yoyos. If you need more elaboration on the Bully’s play, feel free to PM me. Alternately, I’m planning on doing a review of the Bully, so you can expect that up in a few weeks. :slight_smile:

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P2. Nice shape, good feel, and awesome play.

Oh yeah, totally forgot about a P2. They are really good. is taking pre-orders. Look into that. It’s under your budget.

Does this mean if I get a special eddition Bully at, it will not arm grind well?

Anodozing works ok for grinds, but beadblast is much better in my opinion.

Out of the three named yoyos and the questions asked, I would have to say P2. It is the only one of the three that has a grinding finish (soda blast). From what David said, the finish grinds well, but it’s not as rough as a regular beadblast. It should be nothing but dead smooth and sleep times should not even matter.

Thumb grinds. The IRG lip on the P2 is said to be wicked. I remember someone saying it was the best lip they ever used. I can’t quote on this though.

Absolutely not. Any metal yoyo will grind well, but some will grind better than others. You don’t need the best grinding surface to pull off amazing grinds, just look at what JD can do with a stock surface Hitman, and what Andre can do on a Dark Magic’s IRG lip. You shouldn’t get any yoyo just because of how well it grinds.

Edit: Pheenix! You’re Back! :smiley:

For the record: The Bully’s IRG lip is great as well! I got about 6 seconds on mine, and the Production’s is said to be even better.

This still does not change what I said above.

The Fool’s gold Peak has a great finish, it feels somewhat like beadblast, but I’m not sure. Also, Thumb Grinds with the Peak are great!