Review: Bully from BBYY

BBYY Bully (2nd run)

This was actually the first new yoyo ive bought in a while, and is also the first one i was pretty sure i would like, and i love it.


53.35mm diameter
41.5mm wide
67.9 grams
4.5mm gap
C size bearing
Stock response is YYF Silicon Pads but will accept flowable silicone

Look and Feel

Let me start by saying that the Bully i got had some anno flaws, Doug from BBYY says his best guess is that it was a b grade that accidentally got mixed in with the shipment, i wont go into more detail about it because ive worked it out with Doug and already have a post about it. Anyway the Bully looks really good, the purple is a darker shade and just looks good with the black. Its very comfortable and the transition from the catch zone curve to the flat rims is very defined and just looks crisp. One thing i really like is the bead that runs the whole diameter of the yoyo, and all the accents on the inside of the yoyo.


The Bully is a heavyweight and it plays like one. It drops rather quickly when you pop it up but i like heavy throws and it only takes 1 or 2 throws to adjust to it.

Response and Bearing

Im not sure what the bearing is but i like as much as my 10 balls, ill have to ask Doug what it is. The response is YYF sili pads stock, but i think recessed sili is much better.


The Bully plays like a dream and is my favorite yoyo ive used by far. Its amazingly smooth, even on a bad throw its smooth and stable. Grinds are below average as can be expected from a straight annoed finish, but thumb grinds are awsome, i was able to pop it up and transfer from my throw hand to my non throw hand and back with more than enough spin for a good bind. Like i said before it takes a few throws to get used to the weight but i liked it right away, as i prefer heavier throws.

Final Thoughts

The Bully is, for me at least, basically perfect and ive thrown it for maybe 2 hours a day since i got it on Wednesday, i just cant put it down, and it has earned a permanent spot in my soon to be made case.

I would also like to thank Doug for all his help resolving the issues with the anno, and while we were talking he said the bully is just a taste of whats to come from BBYY (can you say bead blasted Bully?) and i cant wait to see what Doug has up his sleeve.

Very nice review man. Wow… :wink:


I am getting one tomorrow and I hope I like it as much as you!

great review.
very well done. impressive ;D

ive got a bunch more on the 1 drop forum, this was the first i posted here (i think)