I need help on drop in the bucket


Hey!!!I need help on drop in the bucket.I keep missing the middle string when I swing it over it.Can any one give me tips???


just practice, took me a while…try to do the hop with as little string as possible…like when learning trapeze the closer to your NTH the better, then after a while you will be able to land it from further out…


I find it helps if you’ve got the bucket tilted slightly towards the direction the yoyo’s coming from. Other than that, and keeping the string segment shorter, it really is just a matter of practice practice practice.



I also found that after I learned classic way to get into wrist mount my drop in the bucket got WAY easier to land too…



Before you are about to “drop” the yoyo in the “bucket” make sure that the yoyo is fairly close ( about 3 inches or closer) to your non throw hand before you flip it on the the string. That way the aim will be a little more accurate.


It helps to spread the outter strings out further from the center, and yes, having a shorter launch string