bucket drop

hey. i need help with bucket drop. my yoyo always graps two strings. i bring it closer to my hand, that helped a little… but i could use some advise or tips.

Try to spread your fingers further apart to space out the strings. Other than this, you really just have to practice until you “get” it.

Yup, make sure to spread the fingers on both of your hands apart so that the “bucket” is really wide. This will help a ton, as will practice.

Besides opening the gap wider, try pulling a bit harder on the string on your pointer finger. The one where the yo-yo is supposed to land on. By pulling, the yo-yo should jump right onto the string.

try really spreading apart your thumb and index finger and then aiming for the middle string.or watch this video carfully and check to see if you may be making a subtle mistakehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0U0m9V_aL4

What I found really helped is if you pull the yoyo on its swing to your left (if you’re right handed) or right (if you’re left handed), making the move one fluid motion. Check out the video on this site to see what I mean (although I’m pretty sure you have already by the sound of it).

Anbyways I found that helped me, along with everything everyone else has already said.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: