How to land the "Drop in the bucket" YoYo trick more often?

Hello there. I was just really quickly wondering, how I can get that drop in the bucket down. I have everything right, my only problem is that I can’t get it in the middle string that often. I have been practicing for 5 days, and I do not expect for me to do it every time in 5 days, but I am not noticing improvement. =[. And also, how long has it taken you to almost perfect this trick? Thanks.

The only intermediate trick that i can’t do all the time. I can just never land it on that middle string!! Good luck!

Try bringing the yoyo closer to your hand when you flip it over. It works kind of like Trapeze where the closer the yoyo is to your hand/finger than the easier it is to land it.

Also, make sure the yoyo is aligned with the middle string. You can also make sure that you open the gap up really wide as to make it harder to hit the other strings.

I hope this helps.

Skip it and learn insta-buckets. Sooooo much more practical. Even more so than bucket via jade, but a smidge less flashy.

Try to spread the fingers of your throwing-hand. It makes it a ton easier I learned this trick with only one try by doing this.


Do it 100 times and im sure u will be a whole lot better at it

Took be about a half hour. The biggest challenge for me was wrapping the string round my fingers properly. After that it was just bringing the yoyo closer to my hand before swinging it in;and a lot of practice…