drop in the bucket help

I’m having trouble with the last part where you swing the yo-yo onto the center string. Any tips or things people noticed helped? thank you :slight_smile:

what’s wrong ? do you missed or the yoyo recoil and shoot out ? Pls be more specific

i either completely miss the middle string but land inbetween my hands or it over shoots going over my throw hand

Treat it like a trapeze and think of the string the yoyo comes over as your finger and get it close to the yoyo.

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Do it slowly and lower your hands as it falls in so that you can catch it gently.

for the missing , just keep practice , for the shoots out , give the string a little slack .

I never bothered to learn it. It won’t affect you if you don’t, its not that important of a trick. Butttttttttt it’s important to learn as many tricks as you can so keep trying!!

Maybe the bucket is too small, and the ‘left over’ string is too long. Try to adjust the length of the string in the center of the bucket. If you do this then the yoyo won’t swing over too much. And landing the yoyo is just practice.

If you don’t land in it, you can always “hop” it to where it needs to be