Drop in the bucket help

Hey guys, me again for about the 5th time. I need help with this trick, I seem to get the set up right, preparing for the yoyo to swing into the middle string, but when it does land, it creates a knot. Same goes if I miss, also a knot. I must be doing something wrong, but I’m almost certain I set it up right, around the thumb, then index, pull until there are three strings, Left, right, and middle…right? That’s another thing though, I can’t pull the yoyo up so easily. With the index finger on my right hand, I have to do continuous tugs to raise the yoyo. Any advice?

You pop it out of the bucket onece its in, don’t drop it.

If the yoyo misses and drops into the back of the bucket, you will knot. If you land into the front of the bucket, you won’t knot. If you drop the bucket, you will knot. Land on the back string and drop, you will get a knot.

You pop it out of the bucket.

Ah, now I know why. I did pop it out of the bucket, but for some reason I guess I would mess up and I would for a knot for something. What i needed to do was a solid, straight tug the same way it came back in. Thanks for the advice.

i had the same problem.

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