drop in the bucket

when ever i try to do drop in the bucket, everything goes ok but once i get the yoyo in the “bucket” the yoyo catches the string and i always get a knot.

You have to hop the yoyo back out of the bucket, you can’t just drop the strings.

I had that exact same problem, when I was learning that trick I spent most of my time untying knots, like he said, just hop it out of the bucket, then dimount any other way.

Just a thought - are you starting with a breakaway? If not, the yoyo will be spinning in the wrong direction, and when it hits the string it will grab.


trough the yoyo right and u cant just drop strings u have to pop out of it

ok once u get the yoyo on the string i always thrust both of my hands up an the yoyo pops off the string an when it pops off an is out of the bucket just drop all the string an return it to your hand