Drop In The Bucket

Ok, I’m having trouble with drop in the bucket, I’ve watched the video a few times now but I don’t understand where I am supposed grab the string ( How far away from the yo-yo/top of the string) The video doesnt help in the sence of where exactly to grab the string. If any one could help me I would be very greatful.


At what part of the trick are you grabbing it?

The whole trick so far, like in the video it says “Comes like so. Make an L again with your non-throw hand. You bring the string around your thumb. Bring the string around your pointer like that. It’s kind of like if you made a gun shooting motion like that. It comes around your thumb, it comes around your pointer finger like so. Then you take your throw hand and you go under the string that you just brought across and you grab that string that’s coming down like so. This is the one that the yo-yo is connected to.” I don’t under stand where you grab it like how far so you have a big enough bucket to drop it in.

Ok, I took a few pictures for you! You see where the strings cross over each other? Pick the bottom string right at the cross, and pull it. The yoyo will inch upwards, and then you can swing it over. Does this help?

I think I found out what you mean. If I am not wrong, you mean the part after you make the L and pull the string around. What you do, is to grab the string under your non-throw hand. From there you just pull that string you have grabbed to form the bucket. Then adjust the size of the bucket. If you make the bucket too big, the yoyo won’t come around your non-throw hand. And if you make the bucket too smal, the yoyo will hit your throw hand.

Addment: When you grab that string and start to pull it, you will form a loop. If you stick your throw hand thumb in it instead of holding it with two fingers, you will be able to adjust the bucket a bit more.

Ok, I kind of get it, thanks for the help, what was happening was I grabbed the string to far from the yo-yo body and getting a little tiny bucket and then having a very long string to try to pop in the bucket. So from what I’m getting I need to grab it a little closer to the body than the top, if you could get some estaments for me like how far from the body or the top I should grab it would be really helpful, if not I think I can experement to find out.



When you’ve made the L,you only need to grab the string between your thumb and pointer. Exactly where you grab it, is actually no big deal. If you pull the string around the L correctly, you should be able to adjust the bucket by pulling your hands away from each other. I’ll post some pics.


I took the picture under my hand to give you a view of where to grab. If you just pull that string out with your thumb, you will be able to adjust your bucket.

Before that, you start from a break away and then after it settles and I make my L where do I put the L, not how to wrap the string but how far or close to the body or top should I put my L?

Do it from a Wrist Mount :wink:

So you meant it like that. Now I understand.

I tried this out from a few different positions. And it turns out that it really does not matter at all. If your bucket is too small, pull your hands away from eachother.

Addment: If you pull too hard/fast, you might risk getting a string burn.

Funny story, I am also currently working on stop and go, so the first time I tried it looked like I had a glass streak on my finger. It hurt like the devil!

String burn hurts. That’s why we are trying to avoid it.

yeah, anyways thanks for all the help, from every one. I just need to practice a gagillion times and then I might be close to possibly getting it.