drop in bucket

ok the last trick on my intermediate list is drop in the bucket i cant swing it over and land it on the string

Let me get this right. You have made the bucket and you just need to land it, right? If this is correct, a thing that could help you out is to adjust you bucket so that you won’t need to swing the yoyo that much, but still not hit your own hand. You can adjust the bucket by pulling your hands away from eachother. And it’s best if the yoyo comes close to your non-throwhand, but not hitting it.

Addment: Thi is also usually just a practice thing. If you practice it enough, you will eventually start landing it. Just keep on practicing.

yay looks like tommorow i will become an advance yoer

Pull apart a bit. The yoyo will be sucked down.
I’m Back

Haha I skipped this mount :slight_smile:

well tcould just be the yoyo u r using if it is a speed beetle