I Need A YoYo

Okay guys, I need a yoyo that’s smooth, unique, amazing spin times, and appeals to the eye.
I want it so whenever someone sees it, they say, “Wow, really wish I had that yoyo,”. There are just so many yoyos that came out this year that I can’t pick. Anybody have an idea? Yoyos I currently have are: M1, Project 2, Big Bully, Skyline, 888, Dv888, Metal Zero, Dark Magic, Axiom, and Pyro Light.


More information??? Maybe a Bhudda King? It sure is unique. Or a C13.

VSOP Pure.

Senza Nome looks pretty cool and unique.

In my experience, Noctu’s can be a real jaw-dropper.

Or a cosmo.

Night moves 5

I have it and its awesome, GOLD RIMS AND HUGE TAPERED GAP, WORLD’S 2009 BABY ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of great yoyos and it sounds like you don’t really “need” a yoyo, but if you’re looking for an amazing yoyo i would definately suggest the Liopuredon by ILLY it is great ::slight_smile:

The Stradivari!!! lol

No. I would go with a EnEmE if you can get your hands on one.

lol yeah nobody’s bought it yet it’s so expensive (stradivari)

Get a Dv888, Frantic, or a hectic, i myself cant choose between hectic or dv888

MNight Moves 5 just came in and it is AWESOME!!! It truly is unique and special. Ever since I played with it it NEVER misses the string. The gap is HUGE!! I just love how it catches the light when I play with it. THANKS GUYS!

YYJ Journey.

You said amazing spin times. It has pretty amazing spin times.

Wait that’s right. It’s in your throw. Work on your throw and any of those yoyos will give you plenty long sleep times.

severe there shape looks awesome honestly i havent tried one but i meen look at the shape it can layer like a dv888 but has a familiar shape

If you want to turn other yoyoers heads find a Catch 22…

Pistolero’s are some of the most visually pleasing yoyos I’ve ever had my hands on. Sure can play as well.

From a purely performance standpoint, I’d get a Hatrick. Anyone who touches one of those needs one a few minutes later.