I need a yoyo under 60 dollars.


I currently have a spyy addiction, one drop chik, an older y factor, and a 3yo3 ceephax. I was wanting to get something fast playing but relatively solid. I also don’t want a huge yoyo.(under 56mm diameter) I was looking at the yoyofficer lava and the yoyofactory too hot. Do you guys have any other suggestions? My preferable price rage is around 50 dollars.
Thank you


Werrd minute

Too hot and lava should be good


I’ve decided I want to get either the yoyofficer musket or the c3 level6. I like the aesthetics of the c3 much more but its high weight is making me uncertain. I normally prefer my yoyos to be in the 64-66 gram range but I’ve never actually used one that is over 67 grams. Does the level6 feel heavy or sluggish on the string and how does it compare to the musket? Thanks again.


I’d go with the Benchmark H or Werrd Hour :slight_smile:


The level 6 plays great. It is fast with a long sleep and well balanced.


I think you should try the yoyojam revival it looks cool and innovative