i need a question answered

hello peeps can u guys tell me wat hubstacks do and also can u pull start without stacks

Hubstacks are thses bearings encased in delrin or something like that and spins wiht the yoyo but you can stop and hold on to them and your yoyo keeps spinning becuz they are different bearings. And yes, you can pull start with them

You can pullstart if you have matador spikes, but otherwise as far as I know its really hard to do so if at all possible.

what is delrin

SPYY spikes on the side can be used as hubstax

Delrin is a material that some yoyos are made of, The Milk, Milk 2%, HF and a few others are made of Delrin.

Thanks for trying to be helpful, but:

People can say something twice, and “Matador Spikes” doesn’t really give what they are, so he gave a yo-yo that has them.


Watch that to understand them.

Just pointing it out.
People should read post before posting.

Sorry, I thught it said with, not without :-[.


He’s just using a capless kickside. Just practice, its possible.

just show me pull start yoyos and ill see and canu pull start a 888 or pgm

Yes, 888’s and PGM’s have hubstacks. Those are other spinning bearings on the sides of the yoyos that spin on their own. You can hold on to those even while the yoyo is spinning.

But he was informing the OP that SPYY’s yoyo’s spikes can be pull started.

All he did was be helpful and give info. It doesn’t matter if the info was given twice, we do that all the time. You do it a lot as well, so just chill out.

I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything, but let’s just forget this.