I need a new yoyo that isn't over 130 dollars.


I’m stuck between the tenyoyo dropbear, one drop valor, and the gelada 2.
I know all three are pretty different but I’m looking for something fast playing but nice and stable.
Currently I’m playing my toohot more than anything but would love something that had the stability of it while not feeling as heavy. My other yoyos include a one drop chik, spyy addiction, yoyofficer lava, 3yo3 ceephax, and one drop y factor. Thank you




of the 3 i would go for the grlada 2 followed by the valor and would pass on the dropbear

also suggest checking out the irony jp


I would say the Gelada 2


I’m keen on the Gelada 2, having played (and loved) the first Gelada.

But as far as yoyos that I’ve actually spent time with, the Valor is just awesome. For me, it started off feeling like just “solid and dependable” and then within a few hours it somehow grabbed me and hasn’t let go. Such a good yoyo.


Bro that’s not even half an Anglam…


Bro you buy you’re Anglams from the wrong places.

(Erik Kerber ) #8


Its such a great throw I love mine.


Alright, I’m gonna go with the Gelada 2. The ano on them is just too sick to pass up. Thanks guys :smiley:


Hey I’m trading gelata 2 mint sub zero any interest
And btw get the gelata 2 it’s the best I ever tried


Why would you trade it if it’s the best you’ve ever tried?


Haha no thanks dude my lemon merangled gelada 2 should be here tomorrow ;D