Hey should I get a Gelata 2 or keep my bebop and yuksta?

What’s the best 90-120$ yoyo
That you can get(not like a canvas)

I wouldn’t take it. IMO The gelata isn’t very competition oriented, plus the yuuksta is a pretty ‘rare’ throw now. If you reaaaally like organic throws, then maybe, but they gelata also isn’t blasted.
You might wanna post the 3 yoyos in the yoyo appraisal thread so you can see what they’re worth as well.

Pretty sure the catch zone of the Gelada 2 is blasted and the cup is not.

I would make this trade in a heartbeat. I am not a big fan of the Bebop, and while the Yuuksta is a cute little throw, it’s nothing to go crazy for.

I haven’t had the opportunity to play with that many “higher-end” yoyos (I’ve tried like 15 or so) but I will tell you that the Gelada 2 is my favorite yoyo ever. It’s an organic that plays like a V shape. It also just really hits a sweet spot for me in terms of it’s characteristics. So yes, I would definitely make the trade.

Edit: The Gelada 2 is indeed bead blasted but polished in the cups. Here’s a picture I took for reference.

I would do it if the bebop wasn’t hitting my preferences.

The gelada 2 has a step in the profile to help it play a lot better than most other organic throws. Played around with Mike Montgomerys and was really impressed.