Drop Bear vs. Gelada

I can’t decide. They both look amazing.

I have several of both and have done reviews on each. It is a hard choice to make. The Drop Bear has a more solid feel in the hand but still floats on the string. The Gelada feels lighter and is actually the heavier of the two. But with the weight distributed differently across the body of the yoyo the Gelada seems to float more. Both are full sized, butterfly shaped with the Drop Bear having a two step wall in the catch zone and the Gelada is a single step down to the response groove. Both have a very nice finish but imho I think that the finish on the Drop Bear seems more resilient. The IGR on the Drop Bear is nice but the IGR on the Gelada seems better designed and reduces friction more which means better thumb grinds. If you don’t want to change out your bearing then you have a choice of the Drop Bear with a grooved bearing and the Gelada with the center trac. I’ve played both yoyos with a center trac and grooved bearing and the Drop Bear plays amazing with the center trac. If you like flow groove pads since they seem to be the pad most like flowable then I would go with the Drop Bear. If you like flowable, go with either.

So if you want a solid but floaty feel, Drop Bear. Floaty and light despite being heavy, Gelada

If you care about colorways the Gelada comes in some pretty amazing colors while the Drop Bear has two splash designs and then comes in solids like blue, red and orange.

Gelada Specs:
Butterfly shape
66 grams
57mm diameter (full size)
44mm width
4.25mm gap
Center Trac C size bearing
Monkey Snot flowable silicone response (various colors)
currently on the MFD site the response is CBC pads but still accepts the flowable

Drop Bear Specs:
63.5 grams
56mm diameter (full size)
41.75mm width
4.6mm gap
Crucial Grooved C size bearing
review: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,43567.0.html

comparison shots!

Hope this helps!