Gelada vs Drop Bear.... monkey vs bear... apple vs orange.... help

OK… so I’m not a big fan of the THIS THROW or THAT THROW posts… but I’m going to throw this out there…

I’m trying to decide on either a Drop Bear (10 yo) or Gelada (monkeyfinger)… I will, in all likely hood, end up with both… the question is - which one first? Looking for advice, thoughts, etc from those who perhaps have had a chance to throw both…


Sorry, I haven’t played both like you asked, but I can give an enthusiastic thumbs up for the drop bear. It’s light, but doesn’t feel weightless like something that might not have good spin time, it actually has great spin times.

I love the grinding surface, it consists of fine grooves over the surface of the yoyo. It grinds great and gives the yoyo an interesting textured feel.

The shape is really comfortable in the hand and I find myself really appreciating the fact that it isn’t 44mm+ wide like alot of throws now, so it’s easier to move between string segments.

I’ve got no affiliation with tenyoyo nor is this my only high end throw. I have a number of one drops and yyf throws. I just really like this throw, in fact, it’s all I’ve thrown since I got it last week. It has just really impressed me.

Well, do you like different shapes or the same old H-Shape?

I dig’em all… OD 54 is an all time favorite… but I love grabbing my codes too…

I’d say Gelada. I don’t care for the same old H-Shape, and I love rounded V-Shapes. Also the cup is very neat.

I’ve played both and I’d take the Drop Bear over the Gelada. They’re a little different on the string, but overall I think the Drop Bear is a better player, and personally I prefer its feel.