I need a Glow Throw...Die Nasty or Star Lite?


I need a Glow Throw…Die Nasty or Star Lite?

would really like to hear from someone who has tried both …

i am looking for stability and longer spin time… in between these two, one has to be greater than the other.


I think the Dienasty, but that’s because I have one.

It weighs more than the starlite, so it may cater better to longer spins. Of course, it really depends on the throw. I find the Dienasty to be very stable.

The Starlite reminds me of a glowing protostar. I can’t say anything bad about the Protostar. I like my Protostar.

LED ain’t an option for you? the Duncan FHZ Pulse is nice, especially when you remove the friction stickers and replace those with those wiht silicone stickers, and put a Terrapin X A+ Beefcake in there.


It would be amazing to have a glowing North and Protostar!

Back to the topic… Starlite


i say starlight… especially for a glow throw… implying that yer in the dark, and it can be difficult to see, i think the lower walls on the starlight would make it easier to throw… plus it looks cooler imo


Hmm ive started a somewhat era haha but i would choose the glownasty i use a black light but i use protostars “3a” and glow nasty’s “3a”


Well, both are great. But glownasty was made more for 5a although 1a is possible too. Believe it or not, i was in the exact situation as you are a month ago which is kinda cool. I was told the glow nasty glows brighter but the starlite plays better. So the way i saw it, the glownasty would be fun … but with the starlite you get a yoyo which is good and glows. Therefore, i would use it even during the day simply because it can play well. They both are good choices. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Just good GITD fun or a bit more normal playing as well.

I picked the starlite :). But you may be looking for something different :slight_smile:

Hope i helped,
Garey Gan


the glow nasty loses it’s glow after a while.


I would expect the same to be true for any glowing yoyo.

One of the first things you need to do is charge it under blacklight. Bake it if you have to(so to speak). Chances are you only need it for 3-5 minutes anyways. You can get small blacklights for cheap(and battery powered) for this charging tactic. Plus, using floor mounted blacklights(or other methods) can help keep the flowing effect working. The only time I’d see this being a problem is if you’re at some club throwing all night. At the last Sac Rave, we got people glow sticking and some guy was spinning a yoyo around, but wasn’t really able to use it. Trust me, I know. I confronted him about it, mostly “can you do anything with that” and other than gravity pulling his Duncan Pulse, he was effectively useless.

What would be cool is an LED Protostar. Have a buried LED array in the center that lights up the plastic SOLID to the rim so it appears the rim is lit up. Use white LED’s so whatever color the yoyo is, it will “light up” that color. Just make the cap SOLID(not translucent) and use a foil or metal lining so it won’t glow/light up. Oh, and make the cap come off somewhat easily to avoid damage.


I have tried both but have the starlite. I prefer the starlite But, its all preference. If you like the protostar you will like the starlite because its just a lighter glowing protostar.


People, say that the starlight is a lighter protostar (which it is) but that tends to give people the impression that it’s a feather, when it is actually 65 grams. I have tried a protostar and a pgm and liked the protostar more. Go with the starlight, you won’t be disappointing.


so a guy showed up at a club with a duncan pulse? lmfao thats hilarious …

anyways thanks everyone for the help … (is it bad that i clicked thank you on every post? )

I ended up ordering the starlite … cus i had a protostar and loved the shape of it … and i hope it plays close to it … and ill probably get the glow nasty too on my next order :slight_smile:

another quick question … so these will actually lose its effects? as in lose the glow in the dark effect? so when it does lose it … you need to put it under black light? if thats true then should i buy one and if so … where can i buy a cheap one? black light that is.


Sac Rave is a “teen” oriented rave, although it’s open to all ages. it’s buried as the late night entertainment for an anime convention. I’m simply the sound production company, I don’t question it. It’s kinda sad to see some of these kids over-heating in their complicated cosplay costumes.

So, that dude had a Pulse he could barely use. I had my DM2. But, I couldn’t throw as I was moving my console and a bunch of other gear from the Rave room to the ampitheater.

Regarding the glow: It will dim. Can’t avoid it. You can get reasonably sized(read: backpack/small case/can hold in hand) blacklights for under $20. Might need to mail order it and might get a pair so you can hit it front/back at the same time. Another option is to hit the restroom or other location with some bright lights and hold it up and move it around and get both sides.