Glow- Nasty or Starlite?

I want a glow yoyo and i want some recommendations for one. which one would you get?

If you just want glow, it doesn’t matter.

The Glowing Die-Nasty is based on the Die-Nasty, which for lack of a better term, is shaped more like the Counter Attack and PGM and is good for grings. I like it and it’s great for 1A, 3A and 5A. The Starlight is a little cheaper, shaped like a Protostar and is way fun. My kid has one, I might have to get one for myself. Because like the Protostar, it’s a horrible grinder as it’s all smooth surfaces. I recently got a Starbrite. WOW, light way too light!

Given a choice, I like the Die-Nasty better. But, I’ve played it more so I speak only from my personal experience. Both are decent though.

im not that big of a grinder, so it being smooth or not deosnt really matter

I would get a starlite is comes with a center track and plays almost exactly like a protostar, only faster.

um both are pretty good but its preference really and i like both but like the starlite shape better since its wider and suits me better :smiley: