I learned some thing today

Never dry out washed strings on a wood stove. THEY MELT. lol.

Try a glass-top stove; grills are good too.


I… what?

You probably shouldn’t try to dry strings out anyways. Polyester has a pretty low melting temperature.

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I was washing them, they were soaking wet…

Air dry.

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I do that, but it was raining today, but I’ll never ever put them on the stove again.

Search for a “lingerie wash bag”.
It’s a mesh bag that you can fill with wet string and dry in the clothes dryer.
It’s designed to hold women’s bras so the hooks and clasps don’t catch on other clothes in the dryer.
There’s some good ones on that website named after a Brazilian rainforest.

Same result as a wood stove, no doubt… :wink:

Socks work good for this, and most people already have a pair!!

You need to wash them because polyester yoyo string is scarce and expensive?

That’s a great idea. The bags have a zipper seal, so there’s no worry of the strings falling out, but a sock sounds like a simple and effective solution.

I’ve read that strings have lasted as long as a year when washing and drying them. If that’s the case, a pack of string could last 10 years! By then I should have freakin’ boingy boing down!!

A piece of chewing gum can also last a year. Doesn’t mean I want it in my mouth for that long, hah.

It’s all in the wrist…

Yeah, but the last time I washed and dried a piece of gum it made an awful mess in the dryer… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well played :wink:

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you tried this… why?

Air dry my friend. Air dry. Only takes an hour tops.