I kid you not...


I can’t believe this… I got an el cheapo Magic Yoyo N9. I took the Z-stacks off and cleaned and lubed the bearing. Just the stock bearing. I got that sucker to spin for 11:21! Unreal.


too unbelivable.
can you throw it again and make a video?
may be seller changed bearing…


Whoa! Someone just got unscammed.

(Former National 4A Champion) #4

he cleaned and lubed it, so maybe the problem is that it comes heavily thick lubed.


nice! but like most will say, we gotta see it to believe it. I think a video would be great. :slight_smile:


Couple years back I was in a bank during a robbery. When he told everyone to get down I refused, glaring into his eyes, hand on my limited edition yoyoexpert holster.
He turned towards me.
7 feet away, I could feel my death getting closer.
I scanned his body, looking for intentions and weaknesses.
Both of our hands on hips like a old cliche western.
Tumbleweed drifts by.
A faint ringing of someone’s phone went off and it all went in slow motion.
Both hands shot up.
What he didn’t know is I already had a finger loop tied.
Throwing my hand forward with all my might, I felt a piercing pain in my shoulder, throwing my left side back. Shot.
Sweat dripping down my face.
Yoyo midair, shining like a Farris wheel, reflecting colors from the alarm lights around us.
Losing balance.
Yoyo heading towards his gun.
His face in disgust, terrified.
Yoyo bounced off his gun and spun out to my side, swaying back in forth in silence.
Gun still in hand.
We both stand there confused.
I farted.
Police tackle robber.

Sorry, lost the video proof.


Whaaaat the…


damn, I was waiting to see the bank vid! lol


why you don’t write a novel based on true stories?! :wink:


Do any of you guys really want to sit there and watch a video of a yoyo spinning for 11 minutes? I’d rather watch a good win/fail compilation myself.


Uh no. I’ve watched long sleepers in person at contests, and that’s not interesting either other than the initial throw where there’s always the possibility of string breakage and carnage :wink:


You don’t have to watch the whole thing lol just a little for the proof that we really need just to prove you’re not lying (like, yeah, that’s likely)


Timing how long a yoyo sleeps is silly.


11min is entirely feasible. Can’t we just be excited that someone got more than they bargained for?


Well if you’re not going to watch the whole thing, I can sleep a yo-yo for an hour! Just watch the beginning and end, ignore the stuff in the middle…honestly, it’s not worth watching. Give me an hour to fake record it.


LOL. I couldn’t really believe it myself. I wish afterward that I had videoed it. Anyway, I assure you I’m not lying, I honestly wouldn’t bother writing a post about it if I was.


I have no words…