I kept seeing it everywhere...you guys made me do it...


You guys made me do it…everybody kept saying kendama is awesome…so i bought one! I bought a yomega pro model at the local hobby shop and i can’t put it down…im addicted to it. Ordering a tribute right now. How popular is this? Am i going to have problems in the future obtaining kendamas? Like is this just a fad? Or am i going to be able to find them easily for ever?


It’s impossible to know if it is a fad at this point. But, more than likely. However, there will, probably, always be some place that will sell them. If, at some point, you cannot find them. You can find someone that is good with a wood lathe and have them make you one.


Thanks! And the lathe thing def makes sense.


Learning Express toys sells two models that are wood, the tribute and on ei cant identify


unfortunately we don’t have one of those in Memphis…