Kendama anyone?

Latley i have been getting into kendama. It’s pretty fun! Is anybody else here into them?

I have a yomega kendama ,and I play with it once and a while ,but I know Mark Hayward is pretty good at it.

I just ordered a couple of Yomega ones, one for me and one for one of my kids. Turns out Toys R Us nearby had an unexpected run on them and their small stock ran out.

Yomega also isn’t selling them via their web site right now either. Odd. Not even listed.

I got mine at some calendar and toy store in the mall ,but I might get a better one online when I get a chance.Mark Hayward from team Duncan brought some to a weekly juggling meeting I go to in Pittsburgh.He let me try one and I really found it easier to handle probably because it was a little bigger and lighter ,so I’ll probably buy one soon.

If you guys want a really nice Kendama, check out the triumph from USAkendama.

Super nice weight and very easy to control. Awesome stuff