Store that carries Kendama

So, I was planning to buy a yomega pro kendama from my local mastermind to get started in kendama, but sadly, they had never even heard of kendama :’(. So now that that’s out, anyone know any stores to buy kendamas in the Toronto Mississauga area? I can’t buy online, because I just placed a big order, and my mom isn’t too happy about paying for shipping again ::).

EDIT: Turns out that I found another Mastermind that DOES have kendamas. Still feel free to post any stores that you know around the world, my problem is fixed though ;D.

I heard from someone that you can get them from hot topic don’t take my word for it but check it out

searched it on their site and didn’t find anything

Yo if you ever want to jam Kendama, hit me up, i’m in brampton. I know no one who plays kendama, and playing alone is kinda losing it’s fire haha.