Yomega Kendama Pro Maria Wood


Hi all I’m new so go easy on me. I bought a cheap kendama just to see what they were, because I had been seeing them on yye, and then I got a catchy air kendama. What i want to know is if anyone has played with/ has a Yomega Pro Maria Wood Kendama they look really awesome and I think I’m going to get one unless it really sucks. It would be great if any one could give me inside.


Haven’t played one myself so can’t say if it’s good or bad. I do have a mahogany kendama from another company that I really like and this Yomega one seems pretty inexpensive so might be worth picking up. I’m not really a fan of the carving in the ken but if you like it then I would say go for it.


Idk how creditable this girl is but you may want to consider what she has to say before buying this model.