i just made my day!

okay so in school in my 2nd period class a kid came in with a yo yo it was a magic yo yo T8 and can i just say it was awesome seeing this! i don’t know if my trend of yoyoing is spreading through the school but i like it. that and while everyone was memorize by it being a gold t8 i was breaking out some tricks and realizing it was gold ano not actual gold. Some kids in my class now think he has a pure gold yo yo. oh and i also fix his yo-yo by getting out a knot round the bearing. so yeah a good day!


Right on, Abby! You can be their ruler. They can call you “Queen Bee”.

You’re killing me here. I was out last Friday and a friend commented that he had “the ‘Queen Bee’ song” stuck in his head at which point I had it stuck in my head for the next few days. I had finally forgotten about it…

Abby, that’s really cool! Introducing people to new things is great.

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You can use this power for the forces of evil. Join me abby, we can rule the world!

Yes they could that must be cool having other yoyoers in your school

Awesome! You should tell him about YYE forums!

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This is totally random but Greg, you ever get that S3 on virgin mobile to work as a hotspot?

Must be a different Greg. I have an S2, and I use Koodo. But I’ve had it working as a hotspot. :wink:

What’s koodo?

not exactly but more or less future Yoyo club people for my school. That and kids that can male the Yoyo go up and down. Not even to mention in out tech classes we have to be building yo-yos. I will be doing that next year But I have a feeling I am going to do go on that project.

Mobile service provider. So, not Virgin Mobile. :wink:

I’ve infected about ten people. Some of them are pretty good. :smiley: