coolest thing happened at school

The coolest thing happened I brought one of my yoyos to class and the teacher opens a drawer and he had a bunch of yoyos. There were wooden and other plastic responsive yoyos but I thought it was cool that one of my teaches had a whole stash of them at school. That was really cool to see but I am waiting for the day that he is just sitting at his desk throwing one from the stash. That would be very funny. ;D

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“Hello class, my name is Mr.Suzuki” :slight_smile:

Is your teachers name Ed? :slight_smile:

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or Jon?

Those are probably confiscated yoyos haha


or Trevor???

hahahaha yeah was probably a warning to him! Use your yoyo in my class and it ends up in my drawer lol

My teacher once printed a sheet that explained the physics in yoyoing for me in my physics class

Sry haha yah he isn’t any one of those names although it would be funny if it was one of them. He said I was cheating because my yoyos had axles. I just laughed.

My thoughts exactly. A couple of my teachers had drawers full as well. :wink:

The one question that people ask when I yoyo:where are the batteries?

Mine has a charger.

Mine runs kit kat.

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I actually transmit electric impulses from my brain to keep it running.