I hoped this day would never come...

My Dark Magic has cracks around the hub area. This yo-yo has been with me since the start, and I don’t want to damage it more than it already is; so I guess it’s time for a replacement.

Here’s what I’m looking for in a yo-yo:
-Max price is $50. Might bump it up to the price of any FundaMetal.
-Plastic or metal is fine.
-I’m not a big fan of undersized yo-yo’s.
-I’m not a big fan of overly large gaps either.
-I’d prefer something lighter than my Dark Magic(70 grams). It doesn’t have to be lighter, it can just feel lighter(New Breed?).
-My play style… well I don’t do many slack tricks, so I guess I’m more of a technical player.

I’ve been thinking about either the Hitman, the Revolution, or the California. What do you guys think?

FHZ, Ooch, and X-Con would be my pix, but truthfully, I would get another DMv1.

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I don’t see a reason to get a DMv1 when the second version is a lot better, unless you have some sort of weird love for outdated response.

Northstar, New Breed, also a ton of new YYJ’s coming out.

I’ll repeat myself, since I am in love:
I don’t know the weight, but I guess it’s heavier…
The gap is kinda big, but I don’t think it’s overly big?
But I’m still amazed of how good that yoyo is. I like it more than DM and dv888

I do have a crazy love for the Hybrid response ;D

actually, the protostar’s gap is huge. you sound like you just want everyone to have one even if it doesn’t fit them. if it doesn’t you go into denial. but it is still good and you should try it. protostars are nice.

that being said, you want a full sized yoyo, somewhat floaty (but not too floaty) with an ok gap and cheaper is better. sounds like you should check out the speeder/speedmaker/meteor/phenom/phenomem (or whatever the plastic version is). the speeder is hybred response, not too wide, not too small, and it can play, well, fast. i think the speedmaker is the same but without the metal rims. those are in your price

I’ve played with a Protostar and the gap is huge in my opinion. Well, the shape makes it feel big.

I love the snappy-ness of binds on my Dark Magic. But it’s too snaggy for many of my tricks. Does a double o-ring response give a snappy bind while maintaining unresponsiveness? I’ve tried a Legacy and I think that silicone response on wide gapped yo-yo’s is a bit slippy.

I actually do own (and love) a Speedmaker. I might pick up a Speeder, but I’m looking for something new.

Maybe a DV888, tactic, lunatic, frantic ???

I’ve found the YYJ silicone pads aren’t that great but I think the slim YYF pads fit and work really well. My Lyn Fury had the double o-rings and it was a little grabby too, I wasn’t really a fan of that throw.

I would go out and get a revolution

Phenoms are 140+ USD

He meant PHENOMizm, plastic version. But those might be expensive too, idk

By the way, when I said this:

I meant that I don’t prefer large gaps, but I don’t mind them. Undersized yo-yo’s don’t feel comfortable in my hand, so I try to avoid them.

Also, any input on the Hitman? I’ve read that a lot of people really like it, and I think it would be a good successor to my Dark Magic.

I would go with the revolution or the DM2, I grew up on a dark magic and its a great yo-yo, the hitman was my next main throw the year after that and yet again, its a great yoyo, but the new YYJ axle system make those yo-yos obsolete because it is so much smoother and move durable. If you get the old hitman or another dm1 your just going to crack it again after a while, and metals are overated unless you do alot of grinds I honestly wish I could throw plastic all the time