i help noobs

ill help you :wink: ;D gust ask me a ques and ill help ps name is domonic

you know its takein as a insult when you call some one a noob. should be i help new players.

Seriously. And you aren’t the only person that help new yoyoers. We all do.

In fact, if one person should be considered to help newbies, it would be Robert.

You rock, Robert.

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rob samad phiz and steven have been great helps!

to me noob isnt offensive. u guys were new at one stage too and the word noob is overused.

What about me? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I need some help, Domonic. I’m trying to learn split bottom mount (I think it’s called) as part of Split the Atom, the part where you push into the string with your throw hand pointer finger. I can land it, but then I keep having trouble with the yoyo tipping. I can’t figure out how to fix it. Do you have any ideas?
-Rebecca (phiz)

Check out this video, then apply it to the split bottom mount

This really helped me Samad.  I’m slowly taking itty bitty steps, but each step is great!