Newbies join forces - not everyone here is an expert

(Chris Francz) #1

I copy and pasted my portions of some DM I was having with another member here tonight and thought maybe this topic would draw out some beginners like myself.

Thanks for writing back. I no longer beat myself up about learning. I try while practicing other things and getting faster and faster with mounts. It’s paying off. At the beginning of September and after 3 years I could only do forward pass and around the world and a few mounts. I decided to go at it again and now I surprise myself. Tonight I mashed together what I know to make a 15 second speed combo frontstyle: 2 brain twisters into 2 barrell rolls, a free front swing back onto the string, 2 reverse flips, dismount, snap back to throw hand, TA-DA!!! It’s all elementary stuff, I know but I can hit the combo pretty confidently and not lose spin for a final return. I am mostly using my black Replay responsive. I keep practicing binding with my Replay Pro but it’s going slow. I kinda want to start a new thread in the forum to draw out newbies that are still learning semi-basics like I described but everyone seems so experienced and playing 75 + $ yoyo that I am afraid of being accused of bumping down other topics. The forum seems pretty stagnant…Haha. What’s natural about yoyoing? I know what you mean though. I read stuff like “been throwing for 3 weeks and worked my way up the trick ladder to the advanced tricks but I have a question about the third triple zip dismount and slack regen on the Blazing Screaming Buddah Nuclear Fusion Generator trick…” and I think is he full of poop or just naturally a genius and able to grasp things very easily? I think sometimes some people are just BS-ing to get yo cred. For me, if I can nail some new move at night and hit it properly 9 out of 10 times I wake up the next morning and feel like it’s Christmas Morning or my Birthday!

(Tyler) #2

I am relatively new (throwing probably 5 months now), but have the luxury of being able to throw almost every day at work and get a little extra practice that way. I definitely can’t do anything too crazy, but what I know how to do I repeat to perfection… to the point where I’m comfortable doing that trick or element without even thinking. Sometimes it’ll be a week or two before I want to move on to something new, lest I forget what I just learned by not committing it to muscle memory first.

(Chris Francz) #3

Yes! I even repeatedly practice simple mounts so that I can get faster and more confident with them and not have to think as much about them because they start to get like breathing. I sometimes get scared like, oh, I’m gonna forget that by tomorrow! I can also whip out my yo at work because I work in the recreation dept. at a big resort and my boss gets upset if I stop when he walks up on me.

(Chris Francz) #4

If I can ask - what trick are you most confident with?

(Tyler) #5

There’s a couple of “tricks” I’ve kinda made (though I’m sure I’m not the first one to do what I’m doing, I came across it on my own without a YouTube video or anything) that are kinda my favorites, just because of the sense of accomplishment I feel with coming up with them on my own.
As for actual tricks/elements I’ve learned: I really like buddhas revenge, ninja vanish, and this cool trick i learned from @MrYoyoM from the wrist mount, but don’t recall the name. Also a trick from the kamikaze mount that I also don’t recall the name of lol

(Jacob Waugh) #6

I was about to reply and then I realized my Firrox is 100 dollars and I have been yo-yoing for a year…

But seriously, I am going to make a trick and call it Blazing Screaming Buddah Nuclear Fusion Generator trick.

({John15}) #7

I’ve been throwing seriously for just under 2 years, and well I may not be the smoothest player on the planet, I do enjoy a good challenge when it comes to learning a new trick. I also really enjoy just doing simple tricks and elements a lot of the time. I never want to come across as an elitist, but I do enjoy sharing my progress with others. Yoyo is fun!


I’m definitely a newbie, when my yoyos get here will be official day 1 since 1996. I’ve only played with fireballs and xbrains.


And a black mamba

(Mash Mastar) #10

My advice to any new players out there is don’t get strung up on what you cannot do. I never show how much time is spent for me to learn things and mainly because I am always learning something every waking day of my life. I could not afford that much data storage. Filming takes up a lot of space. I play every chance I get.

(Chris Francz) #11

I literally laughed out loud at that! I tried to make up a ridiculous sounding trick and now it may come into existense. You RULE!!!

(Chris Francz) #12

It’s an exciting adventure. It’s like a long road trip…sometimes the scenery is bland then you come upon a tiny town with a comic book shop, a real record store and a cool diner and you’re like OH, YEAH!!!

(Chris Francz) #13

I looked at your Instagram and you’re not an elitist, you’re a humble guy. No matter what level we are at, there are always those we can learn from as well as teach.


In 99 a came in 1st place at a very small yoyo contest of 30 other kids. I am a noob, but I am noob saibot,(mortal kombat reference)

(Chris Francz) #15

There sure is a huge difference in yoyos since then. What did you win the contest with? Do tell!


A lime green yomega xbrain wing.



Looked just like this.


And the kicker is I won with simple picture tricks. Lol