I have no idea how i can make this a case

so at a flea market, i saw a film canister, and it looks so sick. being my bday soon, my friend got it for me saying i could store yoyos in it. i know i need foam, but i just realized, How the heck am i going to make this work?

my atempt at a diagram:

canister is a octogon: represented 0
it opens in half like it got cut in half. ø

so i am just looking for ideas. i will try to get pictures of it and maybe photoshop up some ideas or something

Get foam and cut it into layers so you can set one piece at the bottom with one to two yoyos, then another layer, which will fit a few more and then maybe one more layer for more yoyos… To reach the yoyos underneath just simply lift up a whole layer of foam and yoyos… thats the only Idea I have

also, cut the foam thick and dont cut the hole all the way through so when you lift the foam the yoyos wont fall out

hmm, i can see that, but then when it gets near the top, would it turn upside down? or would it leave a hill of foam encasing yoyos.

i just thought, what if i set the yoyos up in a circular layer, and had it cut like the cylender was on it’s side, and then cover the yoyo with another layer of foam so it wouldn’t slide out and hit the metal inside if i was walking with it.