I have a string question. -merged-

How does the thickness compare between the toxic BG1 strings and the ammo 10 pack?

I believe the ammo are supposed to be super thick and heavy while the bg1s are a normal thickness.

Ammo is good for wide gaps type x is good for thin gaps

It’s a little thicker… It’s not as thick as thick metz if youve tried that.

Uh…Which one is a little thicker?

I am going to be getting more string, and I want string that holds tension really well. I have used BG1s’, but they are kinda thick. What is a good string to get?

If you dont want something TOO thick, and that is good for string tension, my recommendation would be to get the 1.5 nylon/polyester. Its not too fat, and I’ve found that its fairly good for whips/stringtension:D

I currently use kitty string 1.5 I would definitely recommend it.

The specific name of the string that he is talking about is Kitty String 1.5. It is what I personally use. It is meant to be the string that combines every good thing about their different strings. For instance, its thickness is between normal and fat, and it incorporates both nylon and polyester.

As for how it plays…

It plays quite nicely. Suicides and whips are great, but it doesn’t last long. It hold tension somewhat well. O find that one string can vary from another. For instance, the one currently on my Shutter seems like a dud. It won’t hold tension very well at all, and it seems to have thinned a bit quicker than usual. Also, I feels good on your hands.

Hope that helped!

Candy wires type e seems to last pretty long for me, and it holds tension pretty well.