I have $60

I got $60 bucks and I want to get at least two throws with some cash left over to get a new bearing ,and yyf key. I’m thinking about a popstar and something else but I’m not sure one good throw is fine but yea any recommendations?

Get a Trigger and a Classic (PSG or Asteroid), then you can cover tax/shipping, bearing and YYF key :-\ Maybe…

Don’t get a popster get a c3 token intend then a trigger!

YYF Protostar
or a
YYF Northstar
or a
YYJ Trigger
& a
YYJ Classic w/ silicone pads and a legit C bearing.

So I’m definitely getting the token maybe two but most likely one and the trigger doesn’t catch my attention so I might just get a loop900 or Ioop1080 . But is there a cheaper yoyo with the n12 shape if not i might just get that.

In terms of awesome unresponsive plastics under $20 I’d say in order:
Alpha Crash
Flipside (currently out of stock)
Classic(needs a bigger bearing and sili though)
freehand 2(I hate pads)